A Three Hour Tour

A Three Hour Tour My in-laws were here at Bad Beaver this past weekend. And while I love them dearly, sometimes it’s a bit of a scramble deciding on stuff to do to keep everybody entertained and happy. So I decided that we would go explore Cape Rosier on Sunday as I had never been there before. There looked like there were two towns on the map of Cape Rosier peninsula—Harborside and Cape Rosier village. We would go check them out and get some sandwiches in one of those towns and then go to the beach for a picnic. Excellent idea! We left at 11:30 am.

We stopped in Blue Hill on the way and picked up my 94 year old mother to bring along on our adventure. We crossed the bridge into Cape Rosier and then veered off the beaten track to check out Holbrook Island State Park. It really was very interesting and we decided it would warrant a day trip to hike the trails next summer when everybody was together again. Leaving the state park was a bit of a maze and we weren’t really sure where we were…but HEY! No pressure. We were just rubber-necking. Some pretty picturesque ocean vistas.

No pressure…that is until we realized we were definitely lost. Tom was driving. We drove the road that said “Harborside” but never found a town, let alone a store. Another hour went by. I heard someone’s stomach growl. I apologized for getting everyone lost.

My mother said, “I think this is fun!”

We went by the place on the map that said Cape Rosier village…twice. Maybe that’s where that stray dog was on the side of the road sniffing a dead skunk carcass. We finally got off Cape Rosier and headed toward the Brooklin Inn (according to the GPS woman’s-voice bot). Got to the Brooklin Inn…which was closed on Sunday. Now I heard many stomachs rumbling. Oh man…where in the hell were we? I apologized again for being a shitty trip leader.

My mother said, “I think this is fun!”

It was now about 2:30 pm and my father-in-law (bless his hypoglycemic soul) got a bit testy because he was hungry. Tom said he thought he knew of a convenience store in Brooklin from when he built a boat house in the area. So we headed in that general direction. I didn’t hold out much hope that (a.) it would be open and/or (b.) it would have actual food. But since we were in the middle of East Bumfock, we couldn’t be too discerning.

When we got to Brooklin General Store, there were a couple of guys sitting on benches out in front of the store…drinking what looked like draft beers. Tom stopped in his tracks with such longing in his eyes. I marched inside and went directly to the counter. There was a woman lounging in a chair with a T-shirt on the said “Brooklin General Store,” I figured it was a good bet that she was a wait-person.

I asked, “Do you make sandwiches?”

She replied, “Yuh.”

I asked, “Do you have a menu?”

To which she replied, “Nope.”

Then I asked, “So, then, how do we know what to order?”

She responded, “You got to ask us what we have in the fridge today.”

At this point, I cruised around the store a bit to see what they might be featuring. I did see a bunch of junk food mixed in with boat batteries and heavy weight motor oil.

In the nick of time, Tom spied the draft beer taps…one of which said Fogtown. He ordered a draft and sat down and looked like he had died and gone to heaven…even though there were signs on every wall that said “NO DRINKING ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ON THE PREMISES.”

But now I had an near catatonic grumpy father-in-law, so I asked as chipper as I could muster, “Alrighty then, what you got in the way of sandwich fixins?”

At this point a pleasant man took over (I assumed he was the owner). He went in the cooler and came back and told us what they were featuring, plus cheese but all out of rye bread. Everyone placed their orders. I pushed some tables together and everyone sat down.

I told the owner that I wanted “the works” on my sandwich.

He asked, “Including jalapenos and habenero peppers?”

Wait? What?!? What kind of place was this anyway?

Long story short of the “Three Hour Tour”…the sandwiches were incredible. My family was all sitting around eating gratefully. My mother was perched on her chair holding her sandwich in two hands, enjoying it immensely.

Best sandwich I ever had in my life.

Carol Leonard ~ 9/29/2019

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