Everything In This House (Has A Story That Makes Me Smile) 2

The focal point of the upstairs bathroom is the tub. Tom dragged it home from a job when we were still living in the old house in New Hampshire. The homeowners had decided they didn’t want it. He asked me if I wanted it. I said, “Are you kidding? It’s a $5,000 freestanding Kohler deep-soaking composite tub! Yes, I want it!”

We ended up designing the whole bathroom in the new house around this tub. To install it, Tom fork-lifted it up with one of his LULLs to the opening for the future window and set up ramps from the window sill down to the floor where it had to be set perfectly on the drain. We had a few friends who we bribed with pizza and beer to help wrestle the behemoth into place, as it weighed about a bazillion pounds. It was tricky, but they got her done without mishap. Then Tom installed the window according to Ellsworth city code. For some reason, in upstairs bathrooms, the code says that windows have to be up pretty high. Unfortunately, this prevented us from being able to see the expansive view of the field outside while soaking. So, as soon as the building Code Enforcement Officer left after inspecting our bathroom, Tom ripped out the original window and re-framed it a couple of feet lower so I can watch the otters running up and down the stream in the winter when I’m floating in the tub. Pure Wild Kingdom Heaven.

Milos, Cody and Tom dragging the sumbish into the future bathroom

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