bannerWelcome to Bad Beaver! We are proud to announce that we have four wonderful books in our inventory right now–all available from Amazon Books and Kindle editions.

Our first publication was the best-selling midwifery memoir Lady’s Hands, Lion’s Heart: A Midwife’s Saga by Carol Leonard, Bad Beaver Publishing, 2008. This appealed to the niche market of BIRTHWORKERS around the world.

New LHLH cover

Our second publication was the zany The Beauty Girls: A Floundering Woman’s Midlife Career Change to Beauty School by Carol Leonard, Bad Beaver Publishing, 2010. A screamingly funny account of one woman’s hilacious, postmenopausal experience of being in beauty school.


Our third publication was the re-printing of The Women’s Wheel of Life by Carol Leonard and Elizabeth Davis, Bad Beaver Publishing, 2012. This women’s empowerment book was originally published by Viking Penguin in 1996. The publishing rights reverted back to the authors in 2012 for the fourth edition.

WWoL cover

We are SO PROUD and excited to announce our brand new publication Bad Beaver Tales: Love and Life in Downeast Maine by Carol Leonard, Bad Beaver Publishing, December 2018. It is already getting rave reviews: “These stories from Bad Beaver are at turns, brave, beautiful and just plain uproarious!”

front cover BBT 001

Follow midwife Carol Leonard and her husband, Tom Lajoie’s informative and funny journey of building their¬†400 acre¬†homestead, Bad Beaver Farm in Ellsworth, Maine. Tom is a phonomenal economy of motion builder and woodsman. They are nuts in love but find they are also raising about 100 beavers on the land that they argue about on a daily basis.


Carol Leonard is a midwife, a writer and (eventually) a licensed beaver trapper.

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